The New Wave of Dentistry is Digital

Jul 18, 2022 | Full Arch Digital Workflow

Like many things in our society today, modern dentistry is quickly turning toward digital dentistry. The lab and the clinic are slowly but surely merging into one complete digital dentistry center. Model-less digital imaging reduces time and resources spent, while also enhancing precision. New streamlined software makes it easy for anyone to handle most of their digital tech in-house with minimal training required. The digital wave in dentistry is being widely embraced and is certainly here to stay. Here are just a few of the ways modern dentistry is enhanced by digital technologies.

Digital Dentistry for Full Arch Procedures

The traditional method for a full arch treatment would involve making a verification jig and multiple models to ensure accuracy. While this procedure has been effective for many years, it is slower and less precise than modern digital dentistry solutions. Today, dentists can use digital modeling and photogrammetry to significantly improve workflow and reduce chair time.

The IMetric ICAM4D Photogrammetry camera is easy-to-use and provides a fully model-less process for full arch treatments. Using a minimally invasive camera, 3D images are rendered to your lab software for fast and precise Digital scans with the ICAM4D are done in just 15 seconds. The files are then uploaded directly to the ICAM system where a clinician or lab tech can create a virtual workup. The digital face software is extremely thorough and intuitive, helping oral surgeons complete even complex tasks with relative ease.

The technology is easy to learn, so many clinicians are able to start using it within a day or two of installation. This is just one example of how digital dentistry technology is rapidly improving workflow, precision, and patient experience. ICAM CAD imaging does all of this on its own, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Digital Dentist Workflow

Perhaps the biggest advantage provided by digital dentistry technology is a vast improvement in workflow. As mentioned before, technology like the ICAM4D allows formerly time-consuming procedures to be completed in a matter of seconds. And when clinical staff is trained in the use of the digital software, every step can be handled in-house. Together with a 3D printer, full arch treatments have never been simpler or faster. And because the equipment is so precise, results will never be dependent upon the skill level of the user. The image will be the same whether you have used the equipment one time or 100 times.

The fully digital dentist who is equipped with modern dentistry tech and knowledge can reduce chair time significantly. They can also offer much less invasive procedures for their patients, in addition to time-saving practices.

S.I.N. Dental offers a full suite of state-of-the-art digital dental technology as well as end-to-end training with installation. S.I.N. Dental has a mission to provide friendly, helpful, and practical assistance to every client. To learn more or book a consultation contact us today.