Strong SW

The Strong SW line delivers a unique experience to those professionals who aim for outstanding results. With an exceptional clinical practicality the Strong SW line has a full range of implants.


Key Features


Support and stability for cases of thin bone thickness.

Cervical microthreads

Increases the bone contact area and improves the dissipation of occlusal forces.

Accurate fit

Exclusive prosthetic components and high resistance to dissipate transverse and axial forces.

Manufactured in Titanium Grade 4

Extremely light metal, very resistant to corrosion, wear and fracture.

Hybrid macrogeometry, cylindrical body and conical apex

Combining the best of tapered and cylindrical implants. Indicated for all bone densities. Full contact between implant and bone.

Trapezoidal Thread

The depth and space of its threads offer high primary stability and faster insertion.

Ultra threading

The sharper profile threads simplify the implant placement.

Complete surface treatment

Double acid etching up to the cervical area of the implant. The Cone Morse offers the treatment up to the connection area.

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