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Duotech CAD CAM

Expand your portfolio and range of options by offering S.I.N. Duotech Components

CAD/CAM technology is already at the service of Dentistry and there are several benefits to this system, both for dentists and patients.

The accuracy, speed, and clinical excellence results in the manufacturing of dental implants have revolutionized the techniques and treatments for partial or total dental loss. And now all of these benefits are available for S.I.N. implants.

Our line of Duotech ® interfaces has been developed to guarantee very high precision and prosthetic stability in digital rehabilitation processes. All components are produced in highly technological, state of the art machinery through a specialized team, and all parts undergo thorough and strict quality control supervision to bring you the best solutions in dental implants.



  • Increase your accuracy and quality using genuine S.I.N. components
  • We guarantee the quality of your implants and original components. Our manufacturing process undergoes a strict quality control and safety process, approved by several national and international certifications.


  • High quality raw material and mechanical strength.
  • Performance is linked to high accuracy that is crucial for restorative flexibility and long term mechanical stability.


  • Indicated for all clinical situations. The Duotech® implant system was designed to create the ideal restoration in every situation, from a single element to the reconstruction of a complete dental arch in a digital workflow.


  • It provides greater control and predictability for a superior aesthetic result. The unique Duotech® components have been developed to ensure greater control and predictability for a superior aesthetic result.

Planning with Confidence

  • Ensures high dimensional accuracy and fitting perfection. To make your dayto-day in the lab even more convenient and efficient we have developed the components ensuring maximum accuracy and quality.

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