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achieve same- day temps

with in-office 3d printing

SprintRay 3D Printing System

Looking to provide Teeth In A Day, but don’t know where to start? Among our full arch digital workflow, 3D printing is an essential addition to enrich the lives of your patients with prosthetics you can be proud of. 

print one full arch in under 2 hours

easy-to-integrate system

3d dental design comparable (but much simpler) to traditional design process



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pro s

3d printer

pro wash dry

pro cure 2

onx tough resin


Sprint Ray 3D Printing System

Pro S Printer

Intelligent sensors, robust onboard computers, and consumables tracking mean you can plug anyone into the 3D printing workflow at any time. Building on the industry-leading throughput, accuracy, and versatility of its predecessor, Pro S is a self-sufficient fabrication workhorse.

  • Improved usability & reliability
  • Increased print accuracy
  • Onboard printing assistance

ProCure 2

25x More Powerful Thanks to its custom wishbone curing engine, ProCure 2 can completely post-cure 3D printed dental parts in just a few minutes using both light and heat for optimal mechanical properties

One-Touch Chairside Curing ProCure 2 is precisely engineered to extract the best mechanical properties from your 3D prints. Its preprogrammed resin profiles precisely deliver the right amount of heat and light. When used in tandem with Pro S 3D printers and Pro Wash/Dry, you can go from scan to delivery in less than an hour

Pro Wash Dry

SprintRay Pro Wash/Dry is the first fully-automated, two-stage wash and dry system built to deliver the speed, cleanliness, and ease-of-use demanded by the modern 3D printing dental clinic.

On X Resin

SprintRay OnX is a nanoceramic hybrid class II 3D printing resin for the production of denture teeth. SprintRay OnX features an optimal combination of translucency and opacity to mimic natural dentition. Industry-leading ceramic content provides superior aesthetics, giving your patients something to smile about.

In-house production of 3D printed denture teeth reduces patient visits and chair time. SprintRay OnX features a clinically advanced formula that requires minimal resin prep and effortless finishing — up to 7x faster time to teeth than the leading competitor.

  • 1st fully radiopaque restorative 3D printed resin
  • High condensed ceramic content
  • Exceptionally aesthetic and easy to characterize