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Dekema Furnaces

The DEKEMA furnaces have gained a virtually legendary reputation due to the practice-oriented concept, the rugged design and the high quality. The DEKEMA AUSTROMAT family is a result of a premium workmanship. The unique concept of the firing chamber, the intuitive user interface and its functionality, which sustains any worldwide comparison.




Several thousand firing, pressing and sintering programs by nearly every manufacturer of dental ceramics are saved and maintained in this freely accessible DEKEMA data base.  Load and start – as simple as that!

DEKEMA Connect

Unleash your AUSTROMAT through the unlimited possibilities of DEKEMA CONNECT. Activate the software options of your AUSTROMAT. Go online and the world of furnaces will completely change.

DEKEMA Customize

AUSTROMAT furnaces have an anodized housing. This warrants quality, diminishes wear and keeps your furnace in best shape. Some customers want to further individualize their furnace. Special paintings are possible on request.

DEKEMA Autodry

DEKEMA Autodry™ simulates the object temperature and automatically regulates the distance between the firing object and the firing chamber with the vibration-free lift for precise and accelerated drying, heating and cooling phases.


Internal test routines seamlessly monitor all relevant parameters while the program is running. An automatic diagnosis routine has also been integrated for all system components to determine the service intervals.

DEKEMA trixpressTM

With this patented and worldwide unique system, several plungers and colors get pressed simultaneously. This saves you an incredible amount of time and raises your profit significantly.

DEKEMA Efficiency

The high-quality SiC heating technology ensures a brilliant result. No necessity of purge cycles due to the absolutely clean chamber. The super fast cycles and the non-stop sintering raises efficiency and profit significantly.