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Capture intraoral scans pre-op to establish soft tissue contours, vertical dimensions, midline, and cant. Post-op scans are taken as well to develop digital wax ups on Exocad’s DentalCAD.


With an accuracy of up to 10 microns, capture the implant data using our MicronMapper to eliminate the need for any impressions or verification jigs.


After capturing all of the data, send your designed STL file to your 3D printer to print your custom day-of-surgery prosthesis for your patient to leave with.



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About The S.I.N. Dental USA Full Arch Digital Workflow:

As the dental implant industry advances, practices and labs everywhere are expected to stay up to date on the latest technology and surgical techniques. Although this may seem like a daunting task, S.I.N. Dental USA simplifies this process with just a few fine-tuned phases formulated to transform your current workflow.

The S.I.N. Dental USA Full Arch Digital Workflow is a comprehensive system that encompasses every need a full arch specializing practice may face. From software and product training to digitizing your workflow from the ground up, S.I.N. Dental USA has you covered.

Step 1


It’s no secret that having the right training is key to successful projects. In the dental industry, having an efficient workflow is a keystone to keeping ahead of the curve and ensuring efficiency in all areas – from staff members to your techs. We’re laser-focused on providing the very best education to give you confidence in your practice transformation. That’s why S.I.N. Dental USA offers first-rate training packages designed with your needs in mind. We want you to succeed!

Step 2

Pre-Op Prep

Our innovative diagnostic planning software helps you plan your implant placement for any procedure, reducing surgical time and increasing patient comfort. Exoplan’s dynamic imaging overlays make it easy to create custom surgical guides with existing data sets, ensuring accuracy and patient safety. As an open software, exoplan allows you to easily integrate into any workflow, making it the perfect solution for any practice.

Step 3

Diagnostic And Design

Digital Design

Our CAD software is known for its speedy operation and ease of use, helping you minimize training costs and maximize productivity. Its reliability, robustness and ease of use make it the preferred choice among our customers.

Intra- Oral Scanner

Aoralscan 3 is Shining 3D’s latest intraoral scanner, with a thinner and longer tip and great scan performance. It’s 30% faster than the last generation and provides accurate results that meet the clinical needs of different applications. The constant optimization of hardware and software systems has led to the rigorous design of Aoralscan 3. This is the world’s fastest intraoral scanner, providing you a chairside experience that exceeds your expectations.


Photogrammetry is a revolutionary dental technology that allows for the creation of three-dimensional digital images that replicate the patient’s mouth in greater detail than ever before. Not only does this allow clinicians and surgeons to visualize dental issues more clearly, but it also means an increased accuracy and fewer errors during treatment planning.

Step 4

Surgical Components


EPIKUT PLUS is the perfect combination for those seeking superior results and with high predictability. This line offers a cutting, comprehensive design with double inverted support screws, which provide more clinical practicality, predictability and high primary stability to those seeking superior results.


Unitite® Slim is the perfect solution for implants in narrow spaces, limited interdental areas, and tight caps due to their 2.9 mm diameter.  Distinctive hybrid macro geometry offers greater accuracy during the drilling process to ensure optimal compression of healing bone tissue.


When it comes to high-risk patients, difficult compliance and extreme bone resorption complex bone augmentations are often stretched to their limits. For upper jaw interventions, one possible alternative is the use of Zygoma implants.

The new 20:1 Zygoma handpiece for implant site preparation and implant insertion was developed by W&H in cooperation with leading Zygoma specialists. The contra-angle handpiece chucking system makes this product the only one of its kind and offers users a high level of safety.

Duotech CAD/ CAM solutions

CAD/CAM technology is already at the service of Dentistry and there are several benefits to this system, both for dentists and patients.

The accuracy, speed, and clinical excellence results in the manufacturing of dental implants have revolutionized the techniques and treatments for partial or total dental loss. And now all of these benefits are available for S.I.N. implants.

Our line of Duotech ® interfaces has been developed to guarantee very high precision and prosthetic stability in digital rehabilitation processes. All components are produced in highly technological, state of the art machinery through a specialized team, and all parts undergo thorough and strict quality control supervision to bring you the best solutions in dental implants.

Step 5

Production: Immediate & Final

3D Printing

Easy to learn. Easy to teach.

  • The ProS 3D printer is designed to improve the productivity of your practice. It’s been meticulously designed to make it easy to learn, train, and delegate your in-office production workflow.
  • Welcome to chairside.

Simple for All

  • User friendly software and self-monitoring hardware harmonize to create a seamless experience.

Onboard Intelligence

  • Pro S measures its environment, keeps track of its own activity, and knows what it needs. On-screen prompts and instructions help you and your staff keep it running optimally.

Consumables Manager

  • Advanced RFID technology embedded in the resin tank allows Pro S to track its lifetime. On-screen prompts let you know when it’s time to reorder for zero downtime.

Undeniable Throughput

  • Superfast print speeds and large build area make Pro S the go-to choice for printing, whether you’re a high-volume dental lab or a clinic who is just getting started.

Class Leading Accuracy

  • Improvements to factory calibration and a new glass projector lens improve accuracy and repeatability. Your patients won’t believe how well their appliances fit.

Dual Heating

  • Automatic temperature control for both the tank and build plate create better adhesion, improved results, and can even deter the risk of overheating.


Milling Solutions

Among various other full arch and single unit milling machines, our partner iMes-iCore developed the CORiTEC 650i and CORiTEC 650i Loader machine systems for the area of PREMIUM machines and PREMIUM requirements. The systems are offered with very attractive pricing and are equipped with high-quality industrial milling technologies, such as granite structure, linear drives in the linear axes, torque motors in the rotary axes, as well as digital absolute length measuring systems and powerful main spindles. The machine concept impresses with its precise, vibration-free and dynamic motion sequences in the demanding and complex metal working processes. All other relevant materials can also be milled with high quality using this machine system.
The CORiTEC 650i loader includes a fully integrated automatic 16-fold blank changer. This enables you to operate the machine system at full capacity around the clock without supervision while maintaining consistent high precision. Thus, the machine system is ideally suited for large labs and milling centers where these high-quality standards and large quantities are necessary.


  • Solid axis construction made of ground natural granite for 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • High dynamics for high-precision milling results
  • Absolute, high-resolution measuring systems in all axes (0.5 μm)
  • High-frequency spindle up to 50,000 rpm and 3.2 kW power with HSK 25 tool holder
  • High precision due to integrated temperature compensation
  • 16-fold fully automatic workpiece changer
  • Production possible around the clock
  • Hybrid machining (precise remilling of SLM work)
  • Suitable for large laboratories or milling centers



  • Equipped with the highest quality and latest technology, Dekema Furnaces are ensured to provide you with an exceptional experience in developing your final prostheses.


  • Several thousand firing, pressing and sintering programs by nearly every manufacturer of dental ceramics are saved and maintained in this freely accessible DEKEMA data base.
    Load and start – as simple as that!

DEKEMA Connect

  • Unleash your AUSTROMAT through the unlimited possibilities of DEKEMA CONNECT. Activate the software options of your AUSTROMAT. Go online and the world of furnaces will completely change.

DEKEMA Customize

  • AUSTROMAT furnaces have an anodized housing. This warrants quality, diminishes wear and keeps your furnace in best shape. Some customers want to further individualize their furnace. Special paintings are possible on request.

DEKEMA Autodry

  • DEKEMA Autodry™ simulates the object temperature and automatically regulates the distance between the firing object and the firing chamber with the vibration-free lift for precise and accelerated drying, heating and cooling phases.


  • Internal test routines seamlessly monitor all relevant parameters while the program is running. An automatic diagnosis routine has also been integrated for all system components to determine the service intervals.

DEKEMA trixpressTM

  • With this patented and worldwide unique system, several plungers and colors get pressed simultaneously. This saves you an incredible amount of time and raises your profit significantly.

DEKEMA Efficiency

  • The high-quality SiC heating technology ensures a brilliant result. No necessity of purge cycles due to the absolutely clean chamber. The super fast cycles and the non-stop sintering raises efficiency and profit significantly.

Step 6

Consumable Solutions

OnX Resin

SprintRay OnX is a nanoceramic hybrid class II 3D printing resin for the production of denture teeth. SprintRay OnX features an optimal combination of translucency and opacity to mimic natural dentition. Industry-leading ceramic content provides superior aesthetics, giving your patients something to smile about.

In-house production of 3D printed denture teeth reduces patient visits and chair time. SprintRay OnX features a clinically advanced formula that requires minimal resin prep and effortless finishing — up to 7x faster time to teeth than the leading competitor.

Zirconium Dioxide

Adjusting the position allows all 16 VITA shades to be achieved with just 7 blanks!
We are particularly proud of the multicolor shades: Every priti®multidisc ZrO2 multicolor has a harmonious color gradient that imitates that of natural teeth:

Highly aesthetic

  • Harmoniously adjusted color gradients that meet the highest aesthetic requirements.


  • Time-consuming procedures are no longer required, so the sintering process can start immediately after milling.


  • Just glaze and polish to get convincing, highly aesthetic results.

Keep inventories low

  • Achieve all 16 VITA® shades with just 7 different blanks.

Coritec Cocr Disc

Range of Applications

  • Single caps
  • Single crowns
  • Bridges up to 16 units, full bridges, and PFM technology
  • Cone and telescopic technology
  • Primary and secondary components
  • Implant constructions
  • Adhesive bridges


  • Outstanding mechanical features
  • Very good thermal properties
  • Perfect fit of all restorations,including long-span bridges
  • Very good biocompatibility
  • High corrosion resistance

With the implementation of our fully developed, all-inclusive, state-of-the-art digital full arch workflow, you will:

  • Eliminate verification jigs and become 100% model-less in your full arch workflows
  • Significantly reduce complications and valuable chairside time
  • Develop a streamlined process that your entire team grasps immediately
  • Improve your end user experience with considerably less invasive digital tools
  • Reduce your ‘cost per full arch case’ to half the industry standard


Workflow Overview

With the implementation of our fully developed, all-inclusive, state-of-the-art digital full arch workflow, you will:

  • Eliminate verification jigs and become 100% model-less in your full arch workflows
  • Significantly reduce complications and valuable chairside time
  • Develop a streamlined process that your entire team grasps immediately
  • Improve your end user experience with considerably less invasive digital tools
  • Reduce your ‘cost per full arch case’ to half the industry standard