Everything You Need to Know About Dental Photogrammetry Implants

Jul 11, 2022 | Products

Photogrammetry is the latest innovative technique to help reduce the stress and time involved with dental implants. Photogrammetry enables clinicians and surgeons to render a three-dimensional image of a full arch structure quickly and easily. This advancement in digital dentistry offers significant benefits for both the patient and doctor. Photogrammetry is particularly vital for full-mouth dental implants, as it provides a number of benefits over verification jigs or impressions.

Dental Photogrammetry Technology

Dental photogrammetry equipment like the iMetric ICAM4D offers the most efficient and effective method for capturing implant positions today. Using the ICAM4D’s photogrammetry capabilities, clinicians are able to produce a completely model-free digital implant. It works by using the ICAM’s camera unit to produce three-dimensional images of the patient’s upper and lower arch. That data is then transmitted near-instantaneously to the ICAM software, where a visual map of the implant structure is created. In total, the data collection for a full arch procedure can take less than 60 seconds.

The reduced time of this photogrammetry procedure is one of the major benefits it offers both patients and doctors. The reduced chair time means that dentists are able to see more patients and vastly improve workflow. For patients, the procedure takes up less of their time and is also much less invasive than traditional methods. For lower-arch measurements, the patients’ mouth can comfortably sit in the resting position.

In addition to speed, dental photogrammetry also offers unrivaled precision. The ICAM4D’s measurements are always fully accurate. Because of this precision, results will always be predictable and consistent. There is no variance depending upon the skill level of the individual operating the machine.

In all, photogrammetry equipment improves workflow at every stop of the process for full arch procedures. From the chair to the lab, the entire process is streamlined and more accurate than any other method.

Reasons to Use Dental Photogrammetry Implants

While using photogrammetry for dental implants is relatively new technology, it is quickly becoming essential for the most advanced practitioners. If given the choice between a speedy, non-invasive photogrammetry procedure and more invasive modeling technique, patients will choose the former. As more practitioners make the switch, demand for photogrammetry technology is only going to increase. In addition to the competitive edge, surgeons switching to dental photogrammetry implants will also save tremendous amounts of time and resources. Dental photogrammetry is the current industry-leading technology for full- and partial-arch implants.

To learn more about dental photogrammetry implants, contact S.I.N. Dental for a consultation. Our expert team will set you up with the technology you need to start using dental photogrammetry in your practice. The basics include an ICAM4D, its accompanying software, and a 3D printer for implants. Not only will we supply your equipment, but our team can also train you to operate it successfully. This way you can start utilizing your advanced photogrammetry equipment the very next day!